What’s Included In Pest Control?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s included in pest control, you should know that it includes more than just a quick spray for creeping critters.


Quarterly pest control services are an important part of owning a home, especially if you don’t like sharing your space with bugs, mice, and more. But what’s included in pest control? And which types of unwelcome guests do pest control professionals target? In today’s brief post, we’ll answer these questions and more and touch on a few ways that you can help keep your home pest-free between treatments.

What quarterly pest control does


Quarterly pest control is typically scheduled after a thorough evaluation and primary treatment of your home. It’s a time when our techs come in and spray additional preventative treatments around the most critical areas to deter insects and other pests from taking up residence at your address.

What’s the difference between pest-control and pest extermination?


Pest extermination is a thorough sweep of a home known to be infested. If you have cockroaches, for example, in extermination is an aggressive attack against where these insects eat, sleep, and thrive. Pest control takes place after an extermination and offers a reinforced barrier and deterrent against real infestations.

What types of insects are targeted in my quarterly pest-control?


While different pest control companies will have their own unique service list, quarterly pest-control typically includes methods that help prevent common household pests, such as silverfish, some spiders, and cockroaches. Your technician will begin with a thorough inspection of the exterior of your property and then add a spray around the perimeter that acts as a barrier. They may also choose to treat the crevices around your windows and doors to further act as a sign that your home is a no-go zone.


Most quarterly pest control services will also include a sweep of the exterior to remove visible spider webs and eliminate bee and wasp nests, if sighted.

What are the benefits of quarterly pest control?


The first and most obvious benefit of having an established partnership with a pest control company is that you’ll have access to knowledgeable professionals that can help keep your home from becoming a safe haven for mice, bugs, and spiders. Plus, having a quarterly pest control schedule means that your home is never left unattended.

Does quarterly pest control include treating for bed bugs, termites, and spiders?


Not necessarily. Bedbugs, certain types of spiders, and termites require specialty treatment. While your quarterly pest control service can address many issues, you may have to have an entirely different service to mitigate these serious pests. Ask your pest control technician for more information.

How can I reduce pests intrusion between services?


Two of the most important things you can do to reduce pest intrusions are to keep your home clean and to trim the bushes. Bugs and mice are always looking for a free meal, so an open trash can or a full sink of unrinsed dishes are a free buffet. Bushes should be trimmed so that they don’t touch your home, which can help keep some bugs from crawling into the crevices of the exterior.


Your quarterly pest control services include a range of hands-on techniques to help keep your home pest free. If you’re not sure what type of service you need, just ask. Our technicians are enthusiastic and experienced and can help you keep the things you don’t want from coming into your home.


Alder Pest Control is owned and operated by industry veteran Jared Alder. We offer a full line of pest control services to homes and businesses throughout the Bentonville, Arkansas, area. In addition to quarterly pest control packages, our experienced and dedicated technicians can handle everything from mosquitoes and ticks to termites, ants, flies, spiders, and rodents. When you’re looking for a pest control company that provides free estimates, same-day service, and a pest-free guarantee, look no further than Alder Pest Control. We are a member of the National Pest Management Association, the Arkansas Pest Management Association, and your local community.

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