Quarterly Pest Control

Choose Quarterly Pest Control To Always Keep the Bugs Out of Your Home!

This is our most common treatment program. Quarterly pest control not only allows us to warranty your home with free re-services, but it allows us to break up the breeding cycles of common pests around your home. When treating quarterly, we will target different pests at different life cycles, resulting in a pest free home!

What Is A Quarterly Pest Control Package?


Why Alder Pest Control is The Best Choice

Free Inspections

Our service begins by sitting down with you and listening to your concerns. We’ll ask what pests you’ve been seeing, where you’ve seen activity, and if you have any other concerns. We’ll then inspect your home, starting with the areas you mentioned. Our inspection includes a thorough examination of the entire exterior of your structure. Our interior inspection depends in part on what type of pest you’re having trouble with and where it’s likely to harbor.

Customized Service

With Alder Pest Control, you won’t receive the same treatment that every other business receives. Instead, we pay attention to your specific pest problems and needs in order to customize our treatments for the best results. We provide interior and exterior treatments that vary depending on your service plan, but may include:

  • Granulars around property
  • Crack and crevice treatments
  • Window and corner treatments
  • Dusting in wall voids, attics and crawlspaces
  • De-webbing and de-nesting
  • Entry point treatments
  • Treatment of eaves, utility pipes, cable lines, and water pipes
  • Foundation barrier treatments

Interested In our other Pest Control Packages?

Termite Control and Inspection

Alder Pest Control is truly one of the best pest services our family has used. The owner is engaged and cares about the quality of your experience. The company is organized and has kind and on-time associates! The team also assesses to see what needs done and reschedules without hassle if needed for your schedule or the weather. Happy with the value and integrity of Alder Pest Control. Since starting this service 2 yrs ago, our insect concerns have been resolved. I don't have to worry about my daughter running into any spiders in our house. Highly recommend.


Natalie Sullivan

Our Mission for Your Pest Invasion

At Alder Pest Control, we are committed to solving your pest problems. We recommend choosing our quarterly program to provide a consistency and trustworthy process for your pest problems.

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