Do More Bugs Come Out After Pest Control?

If you’re trying to figure out if more bugs come out after pest control, the answer is maybe. There are several reasons why.

Nobody wants to see creepy crawlies running through their carpet. However, it’s possible, even after a high-quality pest control service. Why? According to the pest control experts at Bentonville, AR-based Alder Pest Control, reasons range from the weather to available food sources. Fortunately, an uptick in undesirable visitors after pest control service is usually temporary.

Why Do More Bugs Come Out After Pest Control?

One of the main reasons that you might see more bugs coming out of the woodwork after your home is sprayed is that it’s your first treatment. The initial treatment may not be enough to kill ants, cockroaches, spiders, and other household pests. It will help, but that initial dose may send some insects running for a safer spot. Further, some treatments work slowly by design, so you may not notice a reduction in numbers for days or weeks.

Lifecycle Interruption

Another significant reason that you may see more insects crawling around after treatment is that their lifecycle wasn’t interrupted at the right time. Pest control is a science, but it’s not always exact. While a pest control professional has a good grip on most insect life cycles, if not caught at the exact precise time, chemicals may not penetrate eggs. You can always call your professional back for additional treatment, if needed. 


Like humans, animals and insects can change their patterns during different times of the year. If it’s excessively hot, wet, and humid, insects are going to seek a cool, dry area, such as your home. Even if you have proper window seals, door sweeps, and other physical barriers, bugs are small, and they can fit through tiny cracks and crevices you may not even see.

Food And Water

If you ask any pest control professional in Bentonville what the biggest challenge is in keeping bugs away, there is a good chance they will say access to water. If you have any standing water in or around your home, you’ll probably have an influx of insects. How important is water to bugs? Very… especially if you consider that a headless cockroach can survive but a dehydrated cockroach cannot.

Some Bugs Are Just Reclusive

It can take a few days up to two weeks for an initial pest control service to be fully effective. During this time, you’re likely to see more of many different bugs, especially if you have a cockroach problem. These bugs are typically reclusive, and treatment may flush them out of their hiding spots. Rest assured, however, that your numbers will begin to dwindle, and with recurrent, regular treatments, your bug-banishing efforts will be a blazing success.

Nobody wants to see bugs scurrying around at their feet. Unfortunately, homes that haven’t been treated for a while, those with ample food and water for pests, and homes in areas where it stays hot and wet may see more bugs than usual in the days and weeks after pest control service. Fortunately, within just a few short weeks, these numbers should decline, and you can reclaim your home as your own.

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