Should I Clean The House Before Or After Pest Control Treatments?

If you’re wondering if you should clean the house before or after pest control treatments, the answer is both.

If you scheduled a pest inspection, pest control, or termite control service, you might be wondering if you need to clean the home beforehand. The answer is yes, but there are also things you can do after treatments to keep your home blissfully free of an infestation.

Before Treatment

Before having your pest control professional on-site, mop hard floors. This will help to ensure a clean surface to which the pest control chemicals can bind. The cleaner the floor, the more effective the treatment. Further, you’ll likely be recommended not to mop the perimeter of the floors for several weeks after treatment, so you may feel better having a complete clean beforehand.

After Treatment

You can clean your home as normal immediately after treatment, with the exception of mopping around the perimeter. There is no problem with sweeping, vacuuming, or wiping down hard surfaces, such as the toilet or cabinets.

Keep An Eye Out For Increased Activity

While it’s important to have regular pest inspections, including termite control services, you also need to be aware that an increase in activity is possible in the weeks after. It’s crucial to know this so that you don’t immediately jump into a cleaning frenzy, especially if you had a cockroach or spider treatment, which may include dusting around wall cavities.

Cleaning, Pest Control, And Kids

As a parent, you’ll likely want to clean your house immediately after pest control service to keep your children – or furry children – from inadvertently ingesting a chemical. While we recommend that children are not home during treatments, your home is completely safe once products are dry. At Alder Pest Control, we use only chemicals that are safe for the entire family. That includes during our termite control visits.

Bugs For Days

In the days and weeks after your pest control, your vacuum might get quite the workout. Cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, and other critters can take up to six weeks to die off. During this time, you may see increased activity, and you’ll likely find more dead insects all throughout the home. These you may vacuum up empty into the trash.

It’s best to avoid disturbing any treated area, but there’s nothing that says you can’t clean your home before or after treatment. The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t want to mop around the perimeter for a few weeks to ensure that you’re not washing away your investment. If you do find that you have to mop, such as because of a sticky spill, ask your pest control pro  if a follow-up visit is needed. 

Ultimately, you will want to follow the instructions given by your pest control professional during your pest inspection. While we use family-safe chemicals, your technician may have expert advice and guidance on when to – and when not to – clean your home.

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