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Termites Are The Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

Termites thrive in the hot, humid climate of Arkansas. If you don’t protect your home against these wood-destroying insects, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way inside. In fact, they may have already gotten into your house without you even knowing about it. Since termites spend most of their time out of sight, you could have a termite infestation in your house for months before noticing any signs of their presence. Alder Pest Control offers warrantied termite treatment to protect your home.

How We Handle Termites

  • Free Inspection

    Before starting treatment, we want to determine if termites are already active in your home. We’ll do this by talking with you about any activity or damage you’ve noticed and then perform a thorough inspection of your house. Our inspection includes an exterior examination where we look for signs of termite activity and conducive conditions, and an interior inspection where we look for signs of activity within your house, attic, and crawl space.

  • Initial Termite Treatment

    Alder Pest Control is a certified installer and maintainer of The Sentricon® System with Always ActiveTM. This termite baiting station is the top termite baiting system in the United States. We begin by installing bait stations into the soil around the perimeter of your house every ten feet, as well as in areas that are conducive to a termite infestation.

    If we determined during our inspection that termite treatment is a need of yours, we would use a flex pack in the areas where we found activity. A flex pack is an above-ground bait station that will help eliminate the active infestation more quickly.

    P.S. The Sentricon system can only be used by 4% of all termite companies in the nation. It is pretty awesome stuff that we are able to use this system!

  • Follow Up

    If you have an active infestation, we will return to your house to ensure that the entire colony has been eliminated and the termite infestation is under control

  • Warranty

    We offer a re-treat and damage warranty for our termite control service. If we treat your home for termites and eliminate any active infestations, but the problem returns, we will replace any damage caused by this new infestation at no cost to you. This warranty is renewable on an annual basis.

  • Pre-Construction Service

    The Sentricon® System with Always ActiveTM is also available for installation on new home builds. We can install the system after the final grading. The warranty for our pre-construction service is the same as for our other termite control service. We can also either do a liquid treatment underneath the concrete slab before it is poured, or come and treat all of the wood studs once they are up and before the insulation has been placed in the walls.

Why Alder Pest Control is The Best Choice

Free Inspections

Our service begins by sitting down with you and listening to your concerns. We’ll ask what pests you’ve been seeing, where you’ve seen activity, and if you have any other concerns. We’ll then inspect your home, starting with the areas you mentioned. Our inspection includes a thorough examination of the entire exterior of your structure. Our interior inspection depends in part on what type of pest you’re having trouble with and where it’s likely to harbor.

Customized Service

With Alder Pest Control, you won’t receive the same treatment that every other business receives. Instead, we pay attention to your specific pest problems and needs in order to customize our treatments for the best results. We provide interior and exterior treatments that vary depending on your service plan, but may include:

  • Dusting wall voids
  • Crack and crevice treatments
  • Window and corner treatments
  • Attic and crawlspace fogging
  • De-webbing and de-nesting
  • Entry point treatments
  • Treatment of eaves, utility pipes, cable lines, and water pipes
  • Foundation barrier treatments
Termite Control and Inspection

Jared came and serviced our home and just left about 10 min ago. This was our first service and I must say that I am impressed with him and how informative he was. I was expecting minimal service for termite prevention. Next thing I know, I have a bunch of bait stations around my home. What a great way to stop the termites.....build a wall and stop them from getting in (that was not meant to be a political jab). I do recommend Alder Pest Control to anyone. Great job, Jared.


Darrell Cronin

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We Protect Your Home from Pests

At Alder Pest Control, we are committed to solving your pest problems. If we provide service to you, but your pest problem isn’t taken care of, we will return to re-treat until we fully eliminate the original problem.

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