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Mice & Rats Are Dangerous Pests To Have In Your Centerton Home Or Business

Most people are aware that rodents are not pests you want getting into your home or business, but few realize the many dangers associated with these furry pests. Mice and rats spread many serious diseases through contaminated droppings, saliva, and more. They also introduce parasites into your space that can transmit several other illnesses. Furthermore, mice and rats are known for their destructive chewing. When they get into your home or business, they’ll gnaw through wiring, pipes, walls, insulation, and more.

A rodent infestation is a serious cause for concern and must be taken care of as quickly as possible. Alder Pest Control offers mice and rat control services that will eliminate your problem.

Mice & Rat Control From Alder Pest Control

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Our inspection protocol for rodent infestations varies on a case by case basis. We’ll begin by discussing your concerns, then decide if further inspection is necessary before proceeding to the treatment phase.


Alder Pest Control uses a combination of baiting and trapping to eliminate rodents. We’ll set the traps, then check them regularly until your infestation is gone. The frequency with which we check the traps varies based on your specific infestation but is generally done every two to three weeks. The average rodent infestation requires three visits, spaced out every two weeks.


In order to protect your home from a future infestation, it’s important to seal the entry points that were used by rodents during your current infestation. We offer small scale, ground-level exclusion work, but can also provide this service up to ten feet high.

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