Common Pest Control Questions Answered

Are you thinking about signing up for pest control service? If so, today’s post is for you and covers many of the most common questions homeowners have.

Do I really need a pest control service? Can’t I just do it myself?

While it’s true that there are many steps you can take to keep bugs out of your home, the truth is that a professional pest control service can take these steps even further. There is much more to the process than simply leaving out some poison or glue traps, and doing pest control wrong can actually put your home and pets in danger.

What are the most common types of pests in Bentonville?

Throughout Arkansas, you can expect ticks, mosquitoes, flies, rodents, ants, and spiders. Our pest control professionals are fully versed in how to handle each of these issues and can help you keep your home nuisance free with quarterly pest control treatments.

How do bugs and rodents get into my home?

You may think that an open door is the only way in. But, mice, ants, roaches, and other bugs are drawn to every little crack and crevice. This could be anything from missing mortar in the brick to gapped caulk on the windows. The best way to keep bugs out is to address all of these intrusion points and then remove or trim any decorative rocks, firewood, or foliage that might be touching your house. You can think of these landscape features as ladders that spiders and other pests can climb to get into your space.

How can I prepare for my first pest control appointment?

Start with a clean home. If possible, clear out the kitchen of any food dishes on the counters. You’ll also want to move beds and other furniture away from the walls so the technician can spray the entire perimeter. If you have kids, put their toys away to eliminate the possibility of contact with our pest-control chemicals. While we utilize the best products in the industry and our technicians are trained to keep your pets and children safe, it never hurts to take extra steps to protect your family.

Can I get my pest control treatment if it’s raining?

We all know that the weather in Bentonville can be unpredictable. However, a little rain is no reason to cancel your appointment. Some pest control methods (granular pellets) will actually be more effective when the ground is wet.

Visit Alder Pest Control online for more insight into the world of pest control, the types of critters found in Bentonville, and how to schedule your service.

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