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What Every Centerton Property Owner Needs To Know About Pharaoh Ants

If you're experiencing a pharaoh ant infestation, don't waste your time and money trying to get rid of it on your own. DIY solutions can help to deter pharaoh ants, but not to eliminate an infestation. You need a professional who has the experience and resources to prevent and eliminate ants. Contact the professionals at Alder Pest Control right away. ...

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Four Easy Yet Effective Tick Prevention Tips For Centerton Property Owners

Ticks are part of the reason Centerton residents might second-guess spending time outdoors. Many will consider forfeiting a camping trip, a hiking excursion, or laying out on their lawn due to these nasty parasites. It’s scary enough to think of one of these pests latched on and sucking your blood, but on top of that, you could catch one of the over 15 illnesses and infections they transm...

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