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Centerton is a city located in Benton County and has grown rapidly from a simple railroad stop and fruit orchard settlement into a suburban community within the expanding Northwest Arkansas area. Many people enjoy living and working here in Centerton, but it’s important to remember that pests such as spiders, insects, and rodents also enjoy living here. The many homes and businesses in our area provide the perfect environment for pests to forage for food, live, and breed. To protect your Centerton property from pests of all shapes and sizes, turn to the skilled pest technicians here at Alder Pest Control. We are proud to provide much-needed pest control and prevention services to ensure your property is protected from the area’s toughest pests throughout every season. Whether you’re looking for general pest management, specific pest treatments, or ongoing services, Alder Pest Control has you covered. Give us a call today to find out how we keep Centerton homes and businesses free of pests!

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Residential Pest Control In Centerton, AR

Having pests run rampant in your Centerton home is not a problem that can be put aside and ignored until a later date. Invading pests introduce harmful bacteria, spread dangerous diseases, cause damage to personal property, and cause increased stress and frustration for homeowners. To combat pests and the problems they cause, Alder Pest Control provides several ongoing residential pest control options.

Our focus is on keeping your home and family protected from rodents, insects, and other pests by implementing effective home pest control services and ongoing treatments. You can say goodbye to flies in your drains and mice in your cupboards when you partner with Alder Pest Control. Our skilled pest technicians have what it takes to keep pests away from your Centerton home and family, year-round. 

Commercial Pest Control In Centerton, AR

Pests are bad for the reputation of your Centerton business. Left unchecked, pest infestations can cause serious problems in your commercial property by damaging products, disturbing customers, and introducing harmful diseases. At Alder Pest Control, we have the experience and pest-knowledge to maintain a pest-free environment within a wide range of business industries, including schools, warehouses, restaurants, office buildings, and hospitals. We understand that one customer spotting pests in your business can lead to a significant loss of revenue. Our goal is to eliminate pests before they have the opportunity to create problems within your Centerton business. Reach out to Alder Pest Control today to learn more about how our commercial pest control services can help you keep your business pest-free. 

Professional Fly Control Services In Centerton, AR

Flies belong to the order Diptera, which means "two wings." Although there are more than 16,000 identified species of flies within the United States, only a few are known for commonly invading Centerton properties. Flies invade homes and businesses in a variety of different ways, including on food products and through drains, open doors, or windows. A fly’s life span is determined by its species, but the average life span of a fly is usually between eight days and two months. Although flies don’t look like the most threatening pests, these small insects are capable of causing major problems in your Centerton home or business. In addition to the annoyance flies cause by buzzing around your face and food items flies also spread a wide range of harmful bacteria which can lead to serious health issues. To eliminate an existing fly infestation from your property, you need professional fly control services from Alder Pest Control. We understand that flies can pose a significant threat to your health, which is why our comprehensive pest control services work to eliminate flies in all stages of life and prevent them from returning. Contact the professionals here at Alder Pest Control today for more information about our fly control services. 

How To Identify A Termite Infestation In Centerton, AR

Did you know that even small termite colonies can eat through an entire 2x4 plank of wood in as little as six months? Termites are a species of wood-destroying insects that feed on cellulose, which is a material found in wood and organic matter. Subterranean termites are the most common termite species in the United States and pose the biggest threat to homeowners and business owners in our area. Left undetected, termites can cause significant structural damage to your property that can cost thousands to repair. If termites are living in or around your Centerton property, here are some of the signs they may leave behind:

  • Discarded wings on your window sills or around your exterior walls, foundation, and doorways.

  • Mud tubes which are made from wood, dirt, and termite saliva. These are termites' protective tunnels that prevent termites from drying out in the sun as they travel from their nests to a source of wood.

  • Large clouds of winged termite swarmers flying around the exterior of your home or business as they search for a suitable location to build their nests. 

If you notice any signs that termites are living in or around your Centerton property, don’t hesitate to contact Alder Pest Control for complete termite control solutions


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