Six Easy Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Centerton Home

1. Know About Local Rodents And Their Behavior

Before you do anything else, you should know a little about the common rodent invaders. Two rodents often cause havoc in Centerton homes – rats and mice. Usually, you’ll only have an issue with one or the other, and rarely both at the same time. They are small with tails and brown or black hair. Regardless of which rodent is in your home, all of them can do significant damage. They can chew through your electric wires, insulation, and other building materials. They are also the worst interior designers in the animal kingdom, eager to chew on your furniture and defecate all over your floors. Even worse, rodents in Centerton can spread diseases, putting you or anyone else in your home at serious risk of illness.

2. Seal Up Potential Entrances

Because rodents are so good at chewing things, they can turn small cracks into entryways. This means that you need to inspect your home for small cracks and openings. To protect your home, do a thorough inspection. As you encounter cracks and holes, seal them up with caulk, and look for rips in your screen, and repair those as well. Your home needs to be well-sealed to keep out rodents and other Centerton pests.

3. Store Food And Trash With Caution

Inside your pantry and your garbage, there are hidden treasures for rodents. The only way to make your home less appealing to these pests is by storing your food and your trash carefully. Only use garbage cans with lids, and keep all of your dried food in sealed plastic or glass containers. You need to take nothing less than immediate action to keep food away from mice and rats.

4. Clean Your Home

If you have a cluttered and dirty home, you could experience a rodent infestation. Where there’s clutter, there are probably crumbs. While a leftover bag of potato chips or old crumbs might not be food for you, they’re pretty appetizing food for rodents. To deter these pests, clean your home regularly. Make sure your floors and counters are clean and don’t leave dishes in your sink. If clutter starts to accumulate, it’s time for a deep clean. Don’t save all of your cleaning for the spring. Instead, try to do a deep clean at least once each season.

5. Maintain A Clean Yard

Before coming into your home, rodents might be attracted to your yard. If you have piles of leaves, long grass, or messy shrubs, you could attract rodents. Work hard to maintain your yard, and you might not struggle with rats and mice. If you have trees or shrubs near your home, trim back the branches. You don’t want roof rats climbing from trees onto your home. Although this takes a little effort, your yard maintenance is worthwhile. It could prevent all of the damage and danger that comes from a rodent infestation.

6. Work With Us

All that said, the best form of rodent prevention is working with an experienced pest control technician. Here at Alder Pest Control, we know how to keep rodents out. Instead of leaving your home vulnerable to rats and mice, rely on us. Call us now to get started.


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