Do I Have Termites?


Termites love the heat and humidity of the Bentonville area. Unfortunately, they also love the wood that makes up the frame of your home. Today, our pest control experts offer a few tips on how to spot a potential termite infestation before it causes a major problem.

Mud Tubes

If you thought that dirt daubers (mud wasps) were the only insect that used mud to protect themselves, think again. Termites are notorious for building small mud tubes from the ground up to exposed wood on the exterior of your home. This is one of the first indications of a termite infestation that our pest control experts look for. Mud tubes look like brown veins running alongside your building. Break one open, and you are likely to find life termites.


Frass is a nice word for termite droppings, which look a bit like thick brown corn meal. Frass is a byproduct of digestion, and it’s only found in southern coastal states, and that includes in homes throughout the Bentonville, Arkansas, area. You might see a pile of frass along your window seals, by the deck, or below any exposed wood surfaces.

Discarded Wings

While it would be nice to believe that a pile of wings at your windowsill is evidence of your guardian angel paying a visit, this may actually be a sign of a serious termite infestation. A pest control professional can identify termite wings, which are typically clear to pale and no more than half an inch long. Unfortunately, termites only lose their wings when they have found a mate and move on to other parts of your property to establish another colony.

Brown Spots On Interior Walls

If you are getting ready to renovate your home and notice bubbling paint or peeling wallpaper, this could be another indication of termites. Dented or buckling wood and small pinholes on otherwise flat surfaces may actually be exit holes created by a termite colony as they feed on wood paneling or cardboard.

Stuck Doors

Humidity can cause doors and windows to stick, but this may also be a sign that you need a pest control professional to check for termites. This is because termites eat wood, and the more they consume, the more likely your door or window frames are to warp.

Don’t let termites terminate your home. Look for signs of a potential infestation early, and call your local Termite control services company at the first indication of damage.

Think you have termites? Contact Alder Pest Control today for your free inspection that includes a full evaluation of your home inside and out.

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