Centerton Homeowners’ Complete Guide To Ant Control

Dealing with smaller pests in the home will always be more complicated than larger ones. After all, how can you fix what you can’t see? But when these tiny pest problems begin to migrate into, around, and even underneath your home, the situation begins to become much worse.

Ants found around Centerton measure in the millions – and they certainly are not picky about their chosen real estate. Some of the most common ant species in Arkansas include:

  • The fire ant
  • The carpenter ant
  • The little black ant
  • The pavement ant
  • The Argentine ant

Some ant species on this list are dangerous, others are mere nuisances, but nearly every last one of them is impossible to remove from a home once they get inside. Ants found crawling along kitchens and bathrooms likely point towards a more serious and more dangerous infestation. Food crumbs and water sources have been scouted out by hungry worker ants, and are quickly retconned by the colony. You may try to eliminate ant ‘feeding lines’ and nest openings on your own, but this will likely do very little. Most colonies will split, bud, or weather the storm of over-the-counter pesticides and come back even stronger.

When it comes to Centerton ants, prevention is always the most crucial part of pest protection. Let’s look at a few tips to keep your home happy and ant-free this spring.

How To Remedy Ant Activity Around Centerton Homes

Ants may gain access to your home in a number of ways, namely:

  • Cracks forming between doors and door sweeps
  • Unsealed window angles
  • Crevices in the foundation of the home
  • Gaps in screen doors or windows

These dangerous break-in points are difficult to identify but must be managed by some member of your household. Do what you can to check screens and door sweeps on a regular basis, sealing the gaps in your structure with a waterproof sealant or caulking. Ensure that you are checking the space around pipes and wires in order to secure the home completely.

The entry break-in points that ants use to gain access to your home do not offer needed info for why they chose to come in. The answer to this is usually very simple: your property offers a comfortable life for ants species and their future offspring.

Ants will be attracted to your Centerton home for the following reasons:

  • Highly available food sources such as soda spills, counter crumbs, or even dirty carpets
  • High levels of humidity in bathrooms, kitchens, or other food hot spots. The availability of water puddles or droplets may also be a strong factor.
  • Access to electrical wires, wood, or HVAC systems (which attract various ant species for various reasons)

Remediate these attractant factors in your home by relying on the following tips and tricks:

  • Store all trash and food items in property sealed containers
  • Clean food spills promptly and thoroughly
  • Perform regular deep cleans of less-thought-of places like cupboards and heavy appliances

Need more inspection help? Contact Alder Pest Control for a home ant inspection right away.

Protecting Your Centerton Property With Alder Pest Control

Dealing with ant problems on your own can be troubling, frustrating, and even demoralizing. As such, attempting to remediate an ant infestation around your property is not recommended. When the time comes to keep your home safe and well, the best form of professional control will come with some assistance from Alder Pest Control.

Serving Centerton homeowners with fast-acting solutions and affordable protection plans, there’s nothing our crew won’t do to keep you safe. Get ant solutions now by calling the capable team at Alder Pest Control today!

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