5 Tips To Help You Banish Bugs From Your Garage


A garage is more than just a place to park. We use these covered spaces to store our belongings, play darts, and discuss life over an open engine block. But, if you’re not currently under the care of a qualified quarterly pest control service, your garage may also be a haven for unwelcome guests. The entire Northwest Arkansas area is full of critters and creatures that want to call your garage home.

Today, we take a quick look at five ways to get rid of roaches, say sayonara to spiders, and keep away from crickets.

Clean the garage.

Chances are, you have too much stuff in your garage. If you are currently receiving quarterly pest control services, your technician may have already pointed this out. Spend an afternoon clearing the clutter. What you decide to keep, store in air-tight, plastic bins. Remember, bugs and rodents can easily bite through cardboard, so rigid containers are the way to go. If cardboard is the only alternative for now, put your most valuable possessions in a vacuum-sealed bag to prevent bugs and mice from causing serious damage.

Get rid of food.

Did you have your poker table set up in the garage last weekend and forget to remove the bag of chips after everyone left? Congratulations, you’ve just created an open buffet for bugs! While you are decluttering, get rid of any food still in the garage. This includes anything you may have snacked on, along with birdseed and pet food. Don’t forget to clean up any spills and, if you have a garage refrigerator, keep it clean as well.

Seal cracks. 

Your garage must be weatherproof to deter as many pests as possible. But, how do you know if there are cracks around your garage door or windows? To start, turn out the lights. If you see light coming in from underneath the garage door, it’s not sealed. Talk to your quarterly pest control professional about extra protection, such as sticky traps, until you can properly seal the garage. For the windows, light a candle and stand next to them. If the flame moves around or blows out completely, it’s time to grab the caulk gun!

Call a professional.

If you’re not already receiving quarterly pest control and you notice an influx of undesirable visitors in the garage, Call Alder Pest Control. Our technicians service all of Northwest Arkansas, including Rogers, Lowell, Bentonville, and Bella Vista. We will not only provide on-site service, but we are also happy to answer any questions you have about keeping your garage clean and clear of a pest infestation.

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