Don’t Let These Critters Bug You This Spring

As cliché as it sounds, spring has sprung throughout Arkansas. Unfortunately, while this means warmer weather and lots of time outside, you’re not the only one emerging from hibernation. Bugs, including mosquitoes and ants, are also waking, and they are ready to enjoy the spring just as much as you are.


According to our ant control professionals, these distant relatives of wasps have been around longer than humans likely ever will. They are proven resilient, and they seek out small food crumbs that you may have left behind after a picnic. Further, ants will make their way into your home through the tiniest cracks if they think they might find a free meal in your pantry.


Although the two are very distinct species, termites and ants are fierce competitors, and you don’t want either in your home. Like ants, however, termites live in colonies. The biggest difference here is that they make their home in the walls of yours instead of living primarily underground. There is a reason that your mortgage company probably required a termite inspection, and that’s because termites can quickly damage the foundation of your home if left to their own devices.


A termite and ant exterminator may also caution you against stink bugs. As the name suggests, you do not want these in your house.


Spiders are not only a nuisance, but they can also be harmful to humans as well. Talk to your pest and ant exterminator about the types of spiders that are common in your area. While many are harmless and will actually eat the other creepy crawlies skulking around your baseboards, most of us don’t want to share our roofs with an arachnid of any kind.

Banish Bugs

Your first line of defense against insects of any kind is to keep your house clean. This should start with the exterior, where leaves, wood, and other debris are like beacons of light for all the things you don’t want in or near your home. Further, if you’re concerned about mosquitoes, get rid of standing water – mosquitoes will congregate in leftover rainwater from toys left outdoors. On the interior of your home, take out the trash, and never leave food unattended.

We have to live with bugs. After all, they are essential to the evolutionary food chain. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them take up residence at your address. This spring, get to know what to look for, and call us if you spot a squatter.

If you’re looking for the highest quality pest control in northwest Arkansas, look no further than Alder Pest Control. Our technicians have the experience, expertise, and equipment to help you enjoy a bug-free summer.

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