What Is The Difference Between Pest Control And An Exterminator?

Need to know what is the difference between pest control and an exterminator? The answer lies in mitigation methods. One seeks a quick fix; the other a solution.


If you find that you have unwelcome animals or insects living in your home, your first instinct may be to call someone to get rid of the problem. Hopefully, our Bentonville, AR-based pest control service is on that list. Why? Because there’s a huge difference between a pest-control professional and an exterminator.


So, what is the difference between pest control and an exterminator? The quick answer: a pest-control professional looks for a long-term solution to keeping your home free of the bugs and biting things that leave you feeling on edge. An exterminator comes in for the kill and may not offer a safe and sustainable way to manage your pest problem.


An exterminator may very well be a highly capable pest control technician. However, the negative stigma associated with the word “terminate” may leave you wondering if the spray can in your technician’s hand is safe for your home, family, and pets. There’s a good chance that it is not. Many pest management companies get a reputation as animal exterminators because they utilize highly toxic chemicals.


Is this always bad? Maybe not. If you need to quickly eradicate an infestation from an empty home, and that home will be thoroughly cleaned by a professional afterward, then you might consider highly aggressive pest control tactics. However, you will want to follow up once the home is occupied with safer and more sustainable pest control solutions.


Pest control is the only way to actually manage pests throughout Bentonville. Our area has everything from centipedes and crickets to ticks and termites. You can’t just blast through them once and hope they stay away. They won’t.

What Kind Of Pest Infestation Requires Professional Services?


The truth is that you don’t have to have a full-fledged infestation for pest control services to help. Instead, you hire a pest control professional to keep pests from ever colonizing your home in the first place. A few of the animals and insects you might find throughout Bentonville include:


  • Rodents. Mice can enter your home through tiny crevices, including gaps under the garage door and openings around exterior faucets.


  • Ticks. Ticks carry diseases that can harm you, your children, and your pets. These bloodsuckers thrive in wooded areas, under mulch, and in leaf piles.


  • Spiders. Most spiders are completely harmless, but black widows and brown recluses are not the arachnids you want in your interior.


  • Ants. Ants can find their way in through the smallest opening, often around the kitchen window or a basement backdoor. We can find them, block them, and banish them.


  • Mosquitoes. Much like ticks, mosquitoes carry diseases. They can also cause itchiness and skin irritation, and no one wants to deal with that on a lazy summer afternoon.


  • Flies. If you’re looking for pest control for flies, you won’t find a perfect DIY solution. Alder Pest Control’s experienced technicians know how to help and will even give you a few pointers on how to keep these bugs at bay between visits.


  • Termites. If you’ve been in Bentonville for more than five minutes, you already know that it’s hot and humid most of the time. Unfortunately, this is just the weather that home-eating termites thrive in. Ask us about warranted termite treatments to protect your home from harm.


If you’re still trying to decide between a pest control service and an exterminator, your best bet is to control issues in the first place. A pest control professional may use safer methods to help maintain your home so that you don’t have to put your family at risk to live a pest-free life.


Alder Pest Control is owned and operated by industry veteran Jared Alder. We offer a full line of pest control services to homes and businesses throughout the Bentonville, Arkansas, area. In addition to quarterly pest control packages, our experienced and dedicated technicians can handle everything from mosquitoes and ticks to termites, ants, flies, spiders, and rodents. When you’re looking for a pest control company that provides free estimates, same-day service, and a pest-free guarantee, look no further than Alder Pest Control. We are a member of the National Pest Management Association, the Arkansas Pest Management Association, and your local community.

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