The Critters After The Storm

Even if you have an opportunity to enjoy the calm before the storm, chances are you won’t be feeling quite as at ease after. While the entire Rogers, AR area can benefit from a nice heavy rain every now and then, homeowners may notice an influx of unwelcome guests after a storm.

Cockroaches, rodents, fire ants, mosquitoes, and crickets are all common all the time. But, you can bet your boots that they will find their way into your line of sight if the ground is saturated.

Cockroaches thrive in humid, hot conditions. They love to travel in packs, and the American cockroach thrives in water-logged areas. Your pest control professional can help you identify American cockroaches, which can grow up to two inches long and, to add to the ickiness you may feel when you think about cockroaches, these fast-breeding insects are capable of flight.

Mice, rats, and other rodents are another common hazard when their homes have been flooded. They’ll seek higher ground, and that might mean your garage, roof, or pantry. Your home is especially at risk of a rodent infestation if there are lots of exterior openings, such as cracks, air gaps, and open pipes. Talk to your pest control technician about ways you can reduce mice intrusion, which may include keeping your kitchen clean and adding bait boxes around the exterior.

Fire ants are just as scary as the name suggests. Although they are individually minuscule, they can band together in the tens of thousands to create what can only be described as a living raft. Fire ants can float for more than a week until they reach dryland, which may just be your front lawn.

We’re all intimately familiar with the bloodsucking, disease-carrying insect known as the mosquito. Mosquitoes can lay dozens of eggs at once, and their larva thrives in stagnant water. Alder Pest Control offers mosquito mitigation tactics that can help you avoid the swarm.

Crickets, although not dangerous, are alarming to walk upon in the middle of the night when you’re not expecting a giant insect hopping in your path. Camel crickets, especially, are a nuisance because they are extremely hard to get rid of. Depending on where you live, black crickets can also be a problem, and these guys don’t mind congregating by the thousands on the exterior walls of your home.

Preventative pest control is one of the best ways to avoid a major infestation after a storm. While you should still expect a creeping critter every now and then, pests have no place in the place you call home.

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