How Often Should You Pest Control Your Home?

The answer to the question “How often should you pest-control your home?” isn’t easy to answer. Quarterly service is a start, and there are many reasons why.

When you own a home in Bentonville, AR, pest control is not just a matter of comfort but of health and safety as well. Living in the South, we have many pests that appreciate warm weather, and some of these, including rodents and cockroaches, can carry diseases that can be harmful to your family.

Pest Control Prevents Infestation


Even if you don’t currently have a bug problem, routine pest control can keep your home free of insects, rodents, and other creeping, crawling critters that can infest your address. But how often should you pest control your home? The simple answer is quarterly. However, there are times when extra service calls are needed.

Why Quarterly Pest Control?


Having your home treated every three months is the best way to ensure that seasonal pests don’t begin to feel at home in your home. With each season change comes new temperatures and new conditions that can attract cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, gnats, and more. 

Why Pest Control Is Important


Routine pest control is important for many reasons. These include:


  • Protecting your health. Pests can carry harmful diseases and bacteria that can cause health problems, especially for children and the elderly. Cockroaches, rodents, and mosquitoes, for example, can carry Salmonella, hantavirus, and West Nile virus.


  • Preventing property damage. Carpenter ants, termites, and some other insects can cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Termites alone cause billions of dollars in property damage every year. If you notice termites, contact your pest control specialist immediately. Termite treatment is not typically covered under your quarterly pest control, but we have options that can keep the wood in your home from becoming a buffet for hungry termites.


  • Maintaining a comfortable living environment. The simple thought of living with cockroaches and other creatures can cause discomfort and anxiety, making it more difficult to enjoy your home. Other insects, such as bedbugs, can even make it difficult to impossible to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?


The cost of pest control is determined by many different factors, including the frequency of your visits, add-on services that you choose, the size of your home, and the chemicals being used. Alder Pest Control will give you a quarterly price when you schedule your first service.

Types Of Pests In Northwest Arkansas


The vast majority of homeowners in the Bentonville, AR, area are familiar with common household pests, such as cockroaches and spiders. However, there are many other undesirable bugs, insects, and rodents that live in the area. A few of these include:


  • Termites. Termites love warm weather. And although they won’t attack or harm people, termites can infest your home and cause serious damage to your structure, furniture, and carpets. Termites begin to swarm mid-spring.


  • Ants. Ants live all over the United States, and they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Fire ants, especially, are particularly unpleasant insects that can bite you and your children, leaving behind painful welts in an irritating itch.


  • Earwigs. While earwigs are not harmful, you’ll be glad that your quarterly pest control service can keep these humidity-seeking bugs at bay.


Quarterly pest control services (combined with one-time treatments for certain past, such as termites) can help keep your home free of bothersome bugs all year round. This can create a more pleasant living environment and reduce your family’s chances of coming into contact with germs and viruses that can put your health at risk.


Alder Pest Control is owned and operated by industry veteran Jared Alder. We offer a full line of pest control services to homes and businesses throughout the Bentonville, Arkansas, area. In addition to quarterly pest control packages, our experienced and dedicated technicians can handle everything from mosquitoes and ticks to termites, ants, flies, spiders, and rodents. When you’re looking for a pest control company that provides free estimates, same-day service, and a pest-free guarantee, look no further than Alder Pest Control. We are a member of the National Pest Management Association, the Arkansas Pest Management Association, and your local community.

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