How Long Should I Stay Out Of The House After Pest Control?

Have you ever wondered, “How long should I stay out of the house after pest control?” The answer depends on the type of service you receive.


Pest infestations are a headache for homeowners. From rodents and cockroaches to bedbugs and termites, these pesky creatures can cause damage, contaminate food, and spread disease. Hiring a professional pest control service is a smart move that can help you prevent these issues. But before scheduling pest control in Bella Vista, AR, homeowners are encouraged to take a few precautions.

Ask your tech, “How long should I stay out of the house after pest control?”


This is one question that many homeowners sadly don’t ask. Unfortunately, not all pest control services use people or pet-safe chemicals. For this reason, it’s important to ask your tech if you need to stay out of your home for any length of time after they’ve been on the property. This could be anywhere from just moments up to several hours, depending on the type of treatment your pest control pro used.

Take precautions in the kitchen.


Pests (like the rest of us) are attracted to food and water sources. Leaving bags of chips or boxes of cookies open in the pantry is like inviting bugs, including ants and cockroaches, to come right back into your home. Before your pest control service, make sure that all food sources are sealed in air-tight containers, which you can grab at the grocery store at any time. You’ll also want to take out the garbage and check your trashcan to ensure that it seals completely.

Clean hard surfaces and vacuum the carpet.


While your pest control company should use chemicals that won’t hurt your family, they are still chemicals. Once you are allowed to return home, wipe down your hard surfaces, such as your kitchen counters, mop the floors, and vacuum. If your home was treated for spiders, ask your tech if there are any specific precautions you need to take when cleaning up treatment residue.

Check for any signs of recurrent pest activity.


While pest control in Bella Vista, AR, is highly effective, there is no guarantee that insects will not reenter your home. Your tech will recommend how to seal yourself from the outside to reduce the chances of re-infestation. However, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to signs that you may have a pest problem once again. If you find chewed-up food, mouse droppings, or other telltale signs, contact your pest control company for a follow-up visit.

Schedule regular pest control services.


Prevention is the best medicine where pest control is concerned. Make sure you take the steps listed above and, perhaps most importantly, get on your pest control service provider’s quarterly route. Treatment four times each year can usually handle most insect and rodent problems throughout Bella Vista and the surrounding areas.


You want to live in a home that’s free of pests and the problems they bring with them. Your pest control service can help. But remember, there are steps you can take to help ensure that your family is safe and that your home is not a haven for the very critters you’re working to banish. Start by knowing when it’s safe to return, keep a clean home, and ensure you upkeep your pest control efforts with quarterly services.


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