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Living in the South has us well-versed with the problems that mother nature can throw at us, and we’ve learned how to deal with most of them on our own. However, if you’re trying to prevent pest and rodent infestations on your own, you could wind up in a bad situation. That’s why Alder Pest Control offers the best residential and commercial pest control options, along with reasonable prices, in the Arkansas area.

Residential Pest Control in Hiwasse, AR

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As a Hiwasse homeowner, there are hundreds of things you need to do to keep your property safe from all of nature’s destructive forces. However, if pest prevention isn’t on your list, then you’ll soon wish it was. Many of the pests and rodents that invade Hiwasse homes either bring harmful bacteria or the chance for serious damage to your home, while some bring both.
In order to keep pests at bay, your best method of prevention will be trusting the pros at Alder Pest Control. Our professional solutions provide guaranteed protection, whereas home and store-bought remedies will only lead to inconsistent results. Plus, our technicians are happy to come out between quarterly treatments if a new pest issue pops up, at no additional cost to you.

Commercial Pest Control In Hiwasse, AR

If you aren’t protecting your Hiwasse business with professional pest control, then you’re risking all of the hard work you put into your business. Unfortunately, no matter what it is, your business may be attractive to pests. Stored food lying around, plenty of hiding spaces, and dark/damp environments are a pest's dream, and if customers get a picture of pest activity on your property, you could go viral on social media in the worst way.
Along with putting your reputation at risk, pests can destroy your stored foods and cause failed health inspections, all of which can cut directly into your profits. Instead of taking your chances, call Alder Pest Control. Our professional pest technicians will put together a plan to keep your facility pest-free, and we always have technicians available for our commercial clients to deal with pop-up pest problems.

Are Earwigs In Hiwasse, AR Dangerous?

With slender black, brown, or dark red bodies that end with two sharp pincers, earwigs look more like aliens than insects. According to the old wives’ tale, earwigs will use their sharp pincers to tunnel their way through your ear canal and into your brain. However, while their appearance is scary and the myth is terrifying, there’s no scientific proof that earwigs actually do this.
In reality, they’re more of a threat to your outdoor vegetation or garden areas. Feeding on small plants or decomposing matter in the soil, earwigs prefer a damp environment. If you find them in your house, it will most likely be somewhere with high condensation and poor ventilation, like a basement, bathroom, or crawlspace. The most frustrating thing about earwigs in your home is their pack mentality. Once you get a few invading your house, hundreds more may follow.
Avoiding an earwig infestation is all about moisture control. Maintaining the lawn and allowing the soil to breathe under lawn decorations can reduce moisture buildup in the yard, while fans and dehumidifiers can alleviate moisture problems in the house. For guaranteed prevention, Alder Pest Control has your answer. Our technicians can identify moisture problems that could be attracting these pests while also laying a protective perimeter around your home to ensure that your earwig problems will be a thing of the past. Reach out to Alder Pest Control to learn more or to schedule service.

Three Things Everyone In Hiwasse, AR Ought To Know About Termites

Termites cause a lot of damage to Arkansas homes every year, but a lot of it is due to a lack of education on these wood-eating scourges. The first thing you need to know about termites is how to identify an infestation. If you can identify signs of termite damage within the first six months, your repair costs won’t be too severe. These signs include:

  • Mud tubes on outdoor walls near the soil
  • Winged termites flying after a rainstorm
  • Tightening around doors and windows
  • Clicking noises with the walls

Along with understanding the signs, it’s important to know what’s attracting termites onto your property. These pests love moist, rotting wood, so moisture control will be your best friend. Use a dehumidifier in your basements and crawl spaces and monitor your pipes for leaks, as even the smallest amount of water, over time, can lead to wood rot.

Finally, it’s important to understand that you cannot get rid of termites on your own. Once you witness the signs of an infestation, your own remedies will most likely allow the termites to continue destroying other areas of the home. Call Alder Pest Control for the eradication methods that can get rid of termites completely and the preventative solutions that can keep them away for good. Reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule services.


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