Alder Pest Control Answers Questions About Winter Pest Control

When you live in the Midwest, especially around the Bentonville, AR, area, you already know that winters are mild. And, you’re fully aware that bugs can linger throughout the entire year. But, do you really need pest control in the late fall and winter? The short answer is yes, and Alder Pest Control explains why in today’s quick Q&A.

Q: Why are termites prevalent throughout the year in the Midwest?

Alder Pest Control: Termites are small winged creatures, and around 185 out of the 2800 varieties of them are considered pests and feed on wood (often, the wood of your home’s deck, frame, or siding). You might have a termite infestation if your home smells a bit moldy and your walls bulge slightly as if they’ve gotten waterlogged. Since the weather remains temperate throughout each season, termite colonies can thrive 365 days per year.

Q: When is the best time to apply herbicides to the lawn to discourage summer weeds?

Alder Pest Control: Certain types of weeds can encourage insect colonies. By applying a pre-emergent anywhere from about the middle of February through the first week of March, you can reduce the number of weeds cluttering up your front lawn. Your pest control company can also treat the exterior and interior of your home to further discourage bugs from taking on your address.

Q: Should I worry about mice and rats?

Alder Pest Control: Whether you live in Bentonville or further south, most rodents make their way indoors as soon as winter makes itself known. Cooler temperatures mean less food outside, and rats and mice will seek entry points, such as a gap under the garage door, so that they can shelter in your house. As part of your preventative pest control measures, remove bushes and trees that touch your home’s foundation and make sure to replace weatherstripping and screens on your doors and windows.

Q: Do cockroaches die out in the winter?

Alder Pest Control: No, and there are four primary species that pest control experts in Bentonville, AR come across most often in the winter. These are the American cockroach, which is known to scavenge for food and shelter indoors; the German cockroach, the species in which females can lay tens of thousands of eggs in one reproductive cycle; Asian cockroaches, like German cockroaches but with stronger flying abilities; and, Smokey Brown cockroaches, which actively seek protection from rain, snow, and wind.

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