A Q&A With Alder Pest Control About Cold Weather Pests

As the end of the year draws near, our focus is typically on turkeys, trees, and twinkling lights. While we are distracted by fun and festivities, we can easily miss unwelcome guests of the flying, crawling, and climbing variety. There are many bugs that thrive in the temperate climate of Bentonville and other Northwest Arkansas cities. Here, Alder Pest Control breaks the ice about winter pests that can easily take hold of your holidays if not kept under control.

Q: What is the most prevalent insect during the winter?

Alder Pest Control: While there are many, the ones you’re most likely to see, especially creeping into your home, are ants. Ants are attracted to food and mostly so to those made with sugar. Leaving cakes, candies, and confections out on your kitchen counter overnight is a surefire way to invite an ant infestation. A natural pest control remedy is to spray any points of egress with half vinegar and half water. You can also use this to clean your hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, many people don’t think about this, but if you use a sugar scrub, you must rinse the tub thoroughly, or you may find a line of ants the next time you settle in for a warm bath.

Q: Why do beetles come into my home during the night?

Alder Pest Control: As the sun goes down, the air outside gets cooler, even in northwest Arkansas. A pest-control remedy for beetles, which come into your home seeking warmth and food, is to clean up after cooking. Seal open containers well, and vacuum up any beetles you find. Empty your vacuum canister after each cleaning.

Q: How do I get rid of silverfish without using sticky traps?

Alder Pest Control: Few insects look more alarming than silverfish, despite them being relatively harmless to humans. But, these fast-moving bugs can cause problems as they burrow into open pasta, oatmeal, and other dry foods. In large numbers, these can cause damage to stored paper, especially when left in cardboard boxes. Silverfish are attracted to moisture, so your first line of defense is to eliminate water intrusion into the home. You might also try using a dehumidifier in the basement or spraying cedar oil around baseboards. If you find multiple silverfish each week, contact your pest control company.

Q: Are spiders more common during the winter?

Alder Pest Control: They can be, yes. As part of a comprehensive pest control routine, you should monitor for spiders by using sticky traps. However, keep in mind that spiders like to hide in dark, damp places where humans rarely go, such as the corner of the basement or the attic. In Bentonville, AR there are more than two dozen species of spider, including the potentially poisonous brown recluse. Alder Pest Control technicians can help identify species and treat your home with wall dust, foundation barriers, and other effective mitigation processes.

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