5 Quick & Effective Mosquito Control Tips For Your Centerton Property

Turning and turning in the widening gyre, these blood-sucking pests have no intention of leaving you alone this summer season. In fact, mosquitoes are perhaps some of the most abounding Centerton pests that ever lived. About 3-6 millimeters long, mosquitoes have two ‘true’ wings that are primarily used for transportation. Once the female pest has found a suitable warm-blooded host, it will use its sharp proboscis to pierce the skin and ingest the warm ‘blood meal’ inside.

As you might imagine, pests that move blood from vector to vector can become dangerous quite quickly – even in our local area. Mosquitoes in the United States have been known to transmit:

  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Yellow fever
  • Encephalitis
  • Tularemia

If you have a large volume of adult mosquitoes hiding out in your lawn, you may be putting both yourself and your loved ones at an increasing level of risk.

Lessen Mosquito Attracting Factors With These 5 Tips

The following five tips provide excellent home remedies that work to reduce mosquito attracting factors from the yard and garden.

  1. Speaking of gardens, that’s the very first place you should start! Mosquitoes just love hanging about overgrown, green areas. Get to pruning, trimming back, and otherwise cutting back any trees or shrubs near the home.
  2. Be mindful of the types of plants you keep near the house. Mosquitoes are much fonder of dark, red, or blue flowers, which may be leading them straight to you.
  3. Standing water is a huge problem when it comes to mosquito reproduction. All they need is a puddle the size of a bottle cap in which to lay their eggs! Drain any standing water sources such as bird baths or lawn tools, and fill in any puddles where standing water could be lingering.
  4. Planning to be outside for a picnic? Try running a fan around the feet and legs of your seated guests. Mosquitoes happen to be terrible fliers and will have a much more difficult time reaching victims for a meal.
  5. Wear long pants and socks pulled up high if you plan to be in areas that harbor large mosquito populations. You’ll thank us later.

Want more definitive treatments? Call Alder Pest Control today and get a free quote regarding your mosquito infestation.

The Most Important Tip of All – Calling Alder Pest Control

Mosquitoes are simply difficult pests to ‘tango’ with, both because of their large seasonal numbers and because of their incredible adaptability to Centerton lawns. While the above five tips may help homeowners abate their lingering pest presence somewhat, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain a mosquito-free lawn as the year moves on.

To help combat these rising mosquito numbers, Alder Pest Control offers one more crucial tip for Centerton homeowners: enlisting professional help. While some homeowners may view the subscription to professional mosquito control as ‘defeat’, nothing could be further from the truth. Professional mosquito abatement programs are some of the best methods in the country of catching, monitoring, and eliminating a rising population before infestation ever occurs.

When you’re ready to enlist professional help for your mosquito prevention plans, don’t hesitate to contact the expert eliminators at Alder Pest Control today. With years of experience operating in the pest control sector, Alder Pest Control is passionate about bringing nothing but attentive, meaningful service to every one of our Centerton property owners. When you’re prepared to bring your mosquito infestation to its knees, give us a holler at Alder Pest Control right away. Want more information? Reach out to us through our online contact form to connect with us at your convenience.


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